Adjudication Process

Excellence Canada follows a thorough adjudication process for the Canada Awards for Excellence. Each year, it is our objective to select the very best organizations in every category so that we can reward those that best meet the Criteria and are most committed to the cause of improving Canada’s performance on the world stage. To ensure total accuracy and the most qualified recipients of these prestigious awards, we conduct a site verification visit.

Please note that organizations do not compete against one another, but rather are judged against the individual Criteria.


Site Verification

Organizations that pass an initial screening are visited by teams of examiners to verify information on the application. A Lead Verifier will be identified to head up the site visit.

The purpose of the site verification is to verify major aspects of the submission on-site, clarify any points still outstanding and for the verifiers to meet with people at different levels in the organization. You may be asked to set up focus groups to meet with the Lead verifier and his/her team. You may also be asked to provide additional documentation.


Please refer to Key Dates and Deadlines for important dates.