National Quality Institute is becoming
Excellence Canada

National Quality Institute

is becoming

Excellence Canada

We are pleased and excited to tell our partners, members, and other customers and friends about the upcoming transition from the National Quality Institute to Excellence Canada.

While many important improvements are planned over the coming months, we will not be changing the core purpose and values that have evolved and defined NQI over the past 20 years: rather, we will be moving even closer towards them. All current programs, such as the Progressive Excellence Programs (NQI PEP®) in Quality and Healthy Workplace®, training courses, etc., will continue to be delivered and supported. Partner and member benefits will continue uninterrupted. In addition, we now offer the opportunity for organizations to join our growing list of Founding Partners of Excellence Canada who will enjoy even greater benefits. Click here for the current list of Founding Partners of Excellence Canada

The Canada Awards for Excellence Program, with the Patronage of His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D., Governor General of Canada, will continue unchanged. The 2011 Excellence Summit and Canada Awards for Excellence Gala Awards Ceremony will take place on November 1st in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre. Please save the date on your calendar today! and bookmark the event page.

Rationale for Rebranding

We have had many discussions with our partners and members and thank all of you for your survey responses and comments. We have responded to your valued input by developing a rebranding strategy that will better serve NQI and our community of organizations committed to excellence.

One of the greatest barriers that the management of National Quality Institute has identified in achieving its mandate of furthering organizational excellence in Canada has been a lack of brand recognition in the broader public and private sectors. Another major barrier has been a lack of clarity and understanding of the role that NQI plays in an organization’s journey towards excellence and the contribution that it makes to Canada.

Over the years, the meaning of organizational quality or total quality management (TQM) has become confused with product or service quality. The word “excellence” has been used casually to describe everything from high-performing real estate sales people, to the winners of customer service popularity contests. This has diluted the extraordinary meaning the word “excellence” is intended to confer when describing organizations that have achieved excellence in all the business Drivers of the NQI PEP® journey of continuous improvement, which involves over 120 criteria.

Ownership and elevation of the word “Excellence” is one of our goals.  Clearly defining the Canadian uniqueness of the NQI Excellence Framework further defines our target market.  Our new name, “Excellence Canada“, will better capture the essence of who we are and what we do.

The Mission of Excellence Canada
is to help improve organizational performance and to recognize excellence.

The Vision of Excellence Canada
 is to promote and enable excellence in every organization in Canada.

Excellent organizations continually improve performance;
they are innovative, competitive, and customer focused;
they are healthy, inclusive, and sustainable;
and they are economically, socially, and environmentally responsible.

The primary goals associated with the rebranding of NQI to Excellence Canada are:

  • Clarity to both customers and the general public of the focus of the rebranded organization: Improving Performance, Recognizing Excellence.
  • Galvanize the perception of Excellence Canada as the go-to organization for all matters relating to organizational excellence.
  • Demonstrate that Excellence Canada is a hub for thought leadership, subject-matter expertise, creative methodology, and the leading Canadian proponent of the excellence movement.
  • Raise awareness of the Canada Awards for Excellence as the pinnacle of achievement for organizations, transcending the plethora of far less rigorous excellence awards programs which exist within specific industries for specific aspects or categories of organizational performance.
  • Make the Canada Awards for Excellence a sought-after recognition, with solid promotional value to the recipients in terms of higher engagement of staff, customers, and suppliers, at home and abroad.
  • Make the Excellence Framework welcoming to organizations that are small and medium in size.
  • Improve the website experience for all visitors, new and old, and increase its value as a resource and a marketing tool.
  • Improve the customer service experience through improved sales processes, call handling, and lead delegation.
  • Change the Basic Membership category to “Bronze Partner in Excellence” category, which will provide the same benefits currently in place.
  • Capitalize on the brand change to create word-of-mouth buzz, through blogging, social networking, and growing NQI’s current 12,000+ individual followers into Friends of Excellence Canada, a category of individual partnership not previously available.


While the official launch of Excellence Canada in its entirety, including new programs, materials, website, and publicity, is planned for November 2011, we know it is vitally important to share our plans and progress with you, especially our current partners, members, and other customers, throughout the process. We promise to keep listening, and invite your thoughts, reactions, suggestions, and participation, all of which will make for a more successful transition from the National Quality Institute into Excellence Canada.

We invite you to learn more about becoming a Founding Partner of Excellence Canada by clicking on this link