Canadian Quality Criteria for the Public Sector - Overview (free Download)

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The National Quality Institute (NQI) developed the Canadian Quality Criteria for the Public Sector with assistance from professionals from across the public service. The Criteria serves as a framework for effective public service organizations and agencies at all levels, including government departments, schools and school boards,
hospitals, police forces, etc.

Organizational excellence in the public sector can benefit all Canadians. By employing the Canadian Quality Criteria for the Public Sector, and following our Quality Compass to excellence, you and your organization will be setting the standard for world-class quality in public service.

The Quality Criteria for Public Sector Excellence forms the foundation for the quality tools developed by the NQI.

This overview document includes the Quality Principles, and an overview of the Quality Criteria .

Full Criteria including all criteria points and ‘Tips for deployment’
are available as part of the Canada Awards for Excellence Application Package available at:

Also available free for NQI Members on the Members-Only website at: