Healthy Workplace® Essentials

Healthy Workplace® Essentials

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To purchase, please email or call 1-800-263-9648 ext 236

To purchase, please email or call 1-800-263-9648 ext 236

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Healthy Workplace®Essentials is committed to cultivating a healthy and safe work environment and improving lives. It provides a comprehensive approach to establishing a solid foundation for organizational health and employee well-being through a focus on the most “essential” policies, practices, and programs to hard-wire the organization for success.


The key outcomes for Healthy Workplace®Essentials are:

  • Leadership commitment to Healthy Workplace® principles
  • Broad team support of the vision, mission, and values
  • A structured and comprehensive planning process for Healthy Workplace® with measurable goals that align and link to the organization’s broader Strategic Plan and that are communicated to all stakeholders
  • Enhanced awareness and understanding of the key drivers and factors that influence employee well-being and workplace health
  • Healthy Workplace® program(s) are in place that are improving the health of employees
  • Marked improvement in:
    • employee engagement
    • communication
    • focus on process and risk management
    • customer experience
    • focus on prevention versus correction


Healthy Workplace®Essentials reflects basic requirements in the more comprehensive and progressive Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® Standard and the Healthy Workplace® Standard under the Canada Awards for Excellence Program. Should organizations decide to pursue a more comprehensive journey when they have completed this Healthy Workplace® Essentials Program, they will be well-positioned to proceed to either the Bronze Level of the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard or the Silver Level of the people-focused Healthy Workplace® Standard. Both of these Standards lead to recognition through the Canada Awards for Excellence.


Start-up is Easy

The Start-up package includes:

  • Assessment Worksheets
  • Planning & Communication Templates
  • Employee Survey (optional)
  • Webinar

You can also keep employees engaged throughout the year:

  • Healthy Workplace® Newsletter including programs and activity ideas that can be easily implemented through Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month® at

Reports Included:

  • Assessment Report
  • Scoring Results

Employee Survey Report