Operational Process Mapping

Operational Process Mapping

Operational Process Mapping can be taken as a stand-alone course or as a follow-up to Introduction to Process Mapping.

This 1-day course examines in detail the specific tools, techniques, and methodologies that can be utilized for effective process management.

Process mapping is a collection of tools that looks at the flow of a process and divides that process into its component steps. Each step is categorized (are we adding value or not?) and then measured (can we do this process more efficiently or effectively?).

Process mapping can include many different tools, such as turtle diagrams, value stream maps, sequential process maps, flow charts (time- and decision-based), and critical path-type analysis. The trick is using the correct tool for the particular situation.

This course aims to clarify and define each of these tools and to put them into the correct context. We will also touch on how process mapping should integrate into corporate strategy and why it is key in the implementation of robust quality management systems.

Course Content

The definition of process mapping
The different ways of looking at a process (time sequence-dependant & decision-dependant tools)
When to use turtle diagrams, value stream mapping, flow charting (time- and decision-based)
How to use critical path techniques
How to collect and use data from the mapping process
How to use mapping for risk analysis
How to use mapping with effective key performance indicators
How to reduce non-value add activities
How to identify process “wastes”
How to use process mapping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes
How to use process mapping for new processes prior to implementation

Who Should Attend

All employees, managers, and quality professionals responsible for increasing the effectiveness of their workgroup or organization
Suitable for both the public and private sectors


It is highly recommended that participants complete the Introduction to Process Mapping course before attending Operational Process Mapping.

Leadership Excellence Program Linkage: NQI CEP® Level 3
Note: This course is a part of the NQI certification curriculum
Leadership Excellence Program Linkage: NQI CEP® Level 3